My Gallery

My habit of taking photographs goes back over 50 years. In that time I have built up a huge collection of images. Too many to feature here in my online gallery so I have included some recent images. I intend to change those featured from time to time, as I take new images or re-work old images.

Several are from my travels (mainly family holidays). Others were taken locally to Colchester. Some were taken as part of a project or on a particular theme. They are a mixture of monochrome and colour. I have no particular preference but it’s true to say I generally shoot in colour and then edit afterwards. Some images just seem to work better in monochrome than colour, don’t you think?

Software I use

Over the years I have used so many photo editing programs I have lost count. I keep coming back to Adobe Photoshop of course but it is expensive and even though I have an Adobe Cloud Creative Suite account I use it more for editing PDFs these days than powering up Photoshop. I am currently a fan of Macphun products, including the new Luminar. If you want to get a great deal then you need to be quick as they have one that expires soon. Just click on the image below and check out the offer.