Fujita 135mm image

by | Mar9,2017 | Colour, News, Vintage Glass | 0 comments

Portrait of a friend

This is an image I took with a vintage lens on my Sony A6000. The lens was a Fujita 135mm that I picked up on the cheap (eBay I believe, though it could have been Etsy). I have edited the image in Luminar, an alternative photo editor to Photoshop. I like the software and I am still exploring all its features.

I think you will agree that the sharpness (although admittedly I did use the Clarity tool to tweak this) is pretty good for a cheap bit of glass. The lens is tiny too! At some point, I’ll post an image of the lens attached to my camera. I hope it will encourage you to try it for yourselves. You can find plenty of videos etc online about using vintage glass on your digital camera bodies.