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Clacton Pier

These are some of the images I took at Clacton Pier, Essex. I took them by available light just before closing time. As the sun had already set, the only lighting was from the mixed lighting of the pier and the various rides and machinery.

It looked quite spooky without lots of people around and as it was winter it was pretty cold too. All those glaring and gaudy lights must have cost a fair bit in electricity charges. It was surprising that they hadn’t switched to LEDs. I’m guessing the cost of replacing the old lights would be too much. I don’t think the pier makes much money, particularly as the area is one of the poorest in Britain and it was out of season.

The photo was part of a series. At the time I was working with some young people from Jaywick, trying to enthuse them about photography. Only one of them turned up. There were also two youth workers. At least that young person got plenty of attention!

The project was mildly successful as we had more than the one session and those held at the youth centre were reasonably well attended.

My gallery: Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier

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