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I am almost 60 years old and have been taking pictures since before I was 8 years old. In that time I have owned or used a multitude of camera equipment ( as well as darkroom equipment). The first camera I had was a disposable one from a slot machine at the holiday camp I went to with my parents. Later on, I was given a Halina Paulette Electric for my 10th birthday and my serious addiction to photography began. The camera came with a slide viewer, a leather case, a flashgun (that used single-use flashbulbs!) and a roll of film, all for the princely sum of £10!

Equipment I use. Halina Paulette Electric 35mm camera

Halina Paulette Electric 35mm camera

I can’t remember what film came with the camera but most of the pictures I took on it were either Kodachrome (25 and 64 ASA) or black & white film (normally FP4 or similar). I still have some of the images I took with that camera and I have to say that I still think many of them are pretty good.

Over the following decades I have owned several cameras including the following:

  1. Yashica FR II
  2. Contax 139
  3. Mamiya 220
  4. Canon EOS 600 and EOS 620
  5. Fuji 620z
  6. Samsung NX11
  7. Nikon D3100, and last but not least
  8. Sony a6000

The Sony a6000 is my current camera and I bought it for our holidays in Portugal this last summer. I bought the body and two kit lenses (E 3.5-5.6/PZ 16-50 OSS and E 4.5-6.3/55-210 OSS).

Equipment I use. Sony Alpha ILCE-6000

Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 APS-C

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