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Inclusion Ventures at Jaywick

Inclusion Ventures is a charity that works on Jaywick with young people and their families. It has been doing great work for a long time now. Jaywick has been in the news a lot recently. The media have been somewhat underhand in their approach and rather negative about the community of Jaywick. At the annual celebration of its work with the young people, Inclusion Ventures presented a video that was made by the young people as a response to the media.

It was brilliant! Of course, they received help to make the video but most of it is their own work, including the music and soundtrack. They tell their own story and it’s a positive one, in contrast to that of the media. Hopefully, it will be up on their website soon. In the meantime visit to learn more about the work of Inclusion Ventures.

Inclusion Ventures, Jaywick

I had run some sessions with the young people on photography and their images were exhibited. I took lots of photos but am awaiting permission from the young people and their parents for permission to show them on my blog. In the meantime, I have added a general shot to this post.

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