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Syria – Citizen Photography

The news about Syria is usually depressingly bad. However, good things do happen all the time, we just don’t get to hear about them. In terms of photography we tend to only see what’s published in the western media. However, Syrians living in besieged towns and cities are taking photographs and if you know where to look you can see them. The role of photography in educating us about our world and the lives of others can’t be understated. I recently became aware of a group that gives young people cameras and smartphones so they can document everyday life in Syria. The images they produce are simply amazing. When you realise that some of these young citizen photographers have died in the civil war you will start to appreciate the dangers they face. The Assad government actually targets photographers and journalists, torturing them and in some cases, killing them. Check out their work at these places:


Facebook page:






We are about to launch a crowd fund campaign to raise money to mount an exhibition of work by these brave young Syrian photographers. Once it launches I will post the link here.

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