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Bob Dylan owns the copyright to those famous words and I thank him for penning what must be one of the most famous (and greatest) songs ever written. It formed the backdrop to much of my youth and I am a great fan to this day.

Well, as far as my photography portfolio goes, I am moving it over to Adobe Portfolio. As a user (for now at least) of Adobe Creative Cloud, I get to host my portfolio on both Adobe Portfolio and Bēhance. So, you may ask, what about my blog and what about this domain?Well, the blog

Well, the blog remains for the time being (as will the current gallery) but no more images will be added to the gallery. Instead, all new uploads will be to Bēhance and Adobe Portfolio.

As for this domain, well it will still be used, but it will be for my web design and hosting service. This will launch very shortly and from that moment on, the current gallery and blog will be archived and links will be added to direct folk to my portfolio’s new home and likewise for my blog (possibly on blogger – I have one there already, well more than one to be honest but on different topics).

Thanks for dropping by and hopefully you will continue to do so. Here is the url for my portfolio. You can find me on Bēhance here.

If you do check them out, here is what you will see (just so you know you have arrived at the right place!):

My Behance profile

Steve Dale's Portfolio


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