I am a married white man in his 60’s (I say this to avoid any misunderstanding) with two mature children. I have had two main careers, in my life; first as a nurse (Adult Psychiatric Nursing initially, then General Nursing and finally Intensive Care Nursing) and secondly as a Charity Worker and Social Entrepreneur. I am now retired from these.

I have a life-long (well since age of 8 if we are being picky) passion for photography (and lately video) as well as for computers (from a similar age (I am of the Sinclair ZX81, C64 and Amiga 500 generation). Over the decades I have owned numerous cameras and currently own FujiFilm gear (along with some vintage stuff like Contax G lenses and numerous adapters). You can read more specific details on my blog on digital media related topics over at https://newbeltane.blogspot.com/ and check out my professional portfolio at www.serendipity-photography.co.uk. My retirement is meant to be an opportunity to edit and catalogue my many thousands of images but I have only completed about 1% so far!

I watch far too much tv and do far too little reading these days. I like to dabble with Blender and have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. I love to visit other countries (hoping to visit friends in Norway once this COVID-19 situation is under control) and over the decades have visited France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and Portugal (some more than once).

As for religion and politics, let’s say I am Christian and for social justice. Anything more is probably beyond the scope of this site. I care about the environment, I am vegan and my investment portfolio (modest as it is.. really, really modest) is in ethical investments.

Finally, I am originally from the north-west of England but like most English people (whether they like to admit it or not) I am somewhat of a mongrel. My ancestors come from not just Lancashire but Yorkshire too and I am sure I have Welsh, Irish and Scottish blood in me too. If I was able to go far back enough I am sure I am part-Viking (we are a somewhat mongrel nation after all). On my mother’s side I have traced my ancestors to a village on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border in the 16th Century. I currently live in Essex but hope to return ‘up north’ in next 12 months, pandemic allowing.